Head of Department


Mr. Melly Japhet K.


Subjects taught presently

  • English
  • Kiswahili
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • History & Government
  • Geography
  • C.R.E
  • Agriculture
  • Business Studies


For the future the school oversees to offer the following:

  • Home Science
  • Computer Studies
  • Wood Work
  • Drawing & Design
  • Music

There are enough classrooms in the school. A stream for each form going from 1 - form 4. Also a laboratory is in place for the school well equipped.

The teachers do apply team teaching. ICT is incorporated in teaching learning process. Remedial lessons are offered early morning and in the evening. Other departments under academics are as listed below including the respective Heads of Departments;

  • Language Department - H.O.D Mr. Sang R.

  • Mathematics Department - H.O.D Mr. Melly J.

  • Sciences Department - H.O.D Ms. Sang L.

  • Technical and Applied - H.O.D Mr. Melly S.

  • Humanities  Department - H.O.D Mr. Lagat J.

We admit students to university and a number of them to technical and vocational tertiary institutions every year.