Debating & Entertainment


Patron Teacher


      Every week as of Tuesdays we do hold debates for students in a common room within the school just to sharpen their language skills and empower their eloquency to matters of this world. As a member of the Languages department I pledge the essence and importance of the activity. Each Tuesday could be English thus Debate or ’Mjadala’ on the subsequent week.

        The practice has inculcated communication skills amongst the students and bettered the performances generally in the school. In terms of Entertainment, the school owns a TV and A ZUKU dish and decorder for the recreation of teachers and students on Sundays during entertainment.

          It is with all the above mentioned including those not but relevant and beneficial that I recommend more involvement for all and sundry on board to be conscious of the status quo especially in Kenya and avert the very many vices drowning us of our pride and splendour and salvage her earlier.

     That starts with me and you and the rest follow suit or as one would put it, If you cannot beat them then join them. Certainly, Change Is Inevitable!